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Euchre Info

for newbies and those seeking to learn strategy


Euchre Forum: Ask questions of the Euchre community!

Ohio Euchre Forum

How to hold your own Euchre tournament:

  1. Grand Prix, Progressive and Double Elimination formats from
  2. Euchre Printables - Euchre scoreboard, scorecards & rotation charts from
  3. Personalized Euchre Scorecards - Progressive, Team, Group & Pro Team formats from

Free game site that has Euchre: - our favorite game site. All the action is in the rated room.

In addition, they have several tourneys daily.

Play Euchre (for free) against robots, no download required: (these are NOT game sites)

  1. - dealer is indicated by a hat on his head

Fun Euchre Quizzes:

  1. Euchre, Anyone? - easy
  2. Turn-up Euchre - average
  3. Wanna Play Some Euchre? - average
  4. Can you match the Euchre terms to their definitions? - timed 3 minute quiz. Scroll & click the green "PLAY QUIZ" button.
  5. Euchre - knowledge of British Euchre will help with this quiz

Euchre Factoids:

click here - for interesting information about Euchre and playing cards in general.

More Euchre Stuff:

  1. Euchre Science yahoo group - a place to discuss Euchre strategies - topics
  2. Euchre Family of Games - (see the "Euchre Group" listed on the right side) from

Euchre Items:

  1. Euchre Playing Cards for the Blind & Visually Impaired - these are an alternative to braille. For a regular (full) deck of cards, click here.
  2. Euchre Trump Cube - do you have trouble remembering what's trump? The Euchre trump cube will solve this! Only $5 on Etsy.