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Euchre Info

for newbies and those seeking to learn strategy

Photo Gallery

Euchre Memes Euchre Memes And on the 8th day God created Euchre! 201960679 Euchre...the pepperoni on the pizza of life. 201990649 Everything in moderation... except Euchre. 201960724 A day without Euchre wouldn't kill me, but why take the chance? 201960725 Euchre is like duct fixes everything. 201990808 That bower is finer than frog fur contributed by hillbillywoman 201343073 Laughter is the 2nd best medicine. Euchre is the first. 201990650 Gentlemen prefer Euchre players 201379956 Euchre is not a's an obsession. 201990809 Born to play Euchre... forced to work. 201999844 Ha! I KNEW you had that bower! 201993109 Euchre isn't's the only thing. 201999845 Life is short. Play Euchre. 201999847 I've devoted my entire life to Euchre... and my guidance counselor said I had no goals. 201269308 If you like Euchre, raise your hands. If not, raise your standards. 201999846 Euchre Table Proverb: All who come bring joy...some when they sit, some when they leave. contributed by hillbillywoman 201999856 Good news. All you have to do is play more Euchre. 201999855 Euchre makes the world a happy place. 202004240 I have 99 problems and Euchre solves all of them. 202004241 I play Euchre. What's your super power? 202004242 If there's no Euchre in heaven then I'll refuse to go. 202086012 I followed my heart... now I'm at the Euchre game. 201957182 If you aren't prepared to lose every friend you ever had over Euchre, you aren't taking the game seriously enough. 201983742 Life is better playing Euchre. 202268122 Never pass up the chance to play Euchre. 201957160 Save the earth... it's the only planet with Euchre. 202268123 Work is for people who don't play Euchre. 202004244 Euchre resistance is futile 201269281 Euchre isn't just a game it's a lifestyle. 202005982 You either love Euchre or you are wrong. 201997721 You really want that card? 202013598 There's no such thing as a friendly game of Euchre. 201997720 Whoever said diamonds are a girl's best friend forgot about Euchre. 201998046 My soul's had enough chicken want's Euchre. 201999857 Yep, he's got the right bower. 201999858 Y'all can go fishing...I'm playing Euchre. 201589792 Slip-chucked 0-10 at the Euchre table again. contributed by lucky13 202005988 Lead me not into temptation, except for Euchre games. 202005987 What? Euchre night has been canceled? 202005990 I have a name for girls who play Euchre: "keeper." 202005985 Euchre may not make the world go around, but it sure adds zip to the trip. 202005983 A Euchre game a day keeps the doctor away. 201354283 If playing Euchre is wrong, I don't want to be right. 202005986 We all have a purpose in life...mine is playing Euchre. 202005989 Don't judge people by their religion, skin color or nationality. Judge them by the quality of their Euchre game. contributed by krazykaren 201310445 Every day is national Euchre day. 202005984 When given a choice, I always choose Euchre. 202013521 Of course there are perfect women - we drink coffee & play Euchre. 202013520 Don't waste your time on therapy. Waste it on Euchre. 201312697 Euchre is the answer. Who cares what the question is? 202013596 Euchre isn't my whole life, but it makes my life whole. 202013597 There are only two games: Euchre and everything else. 202013599 I'd love to...but first, Euchre! 202013519 The 10 Commandments of Euchre 201269235 Euchre Proverb: Keep your friends close. Keep your cards closer. 202013518 Forget the pills... instead play 2 games of Euchre per day. 201387951 Man does not live by bread alone. There's also Euchre. 201998233 Peace, Love, Euchre. 202098275 Donkey stomped 0 - 10 at the Euchre table. contributed by lucky13 202013777 What's the difference between a man playing Euchre and a man arguing with his wife? The man playing Euchre has a chance to win. 201397140 Euchre or work? 202021649 Euchre Proverb: To the soul Euchre brings joy. 201976638 Did you really think you could trump my ace? 202021645 Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned at the Euchre table. 201991335 The diagnosis is: not enough Euchre. 201991336 Euchre Proverb: Life is not a matter of holding good cards, but of playing a poor hand well. RI Stevenson 202021650 Sit back, relax and enjoy your Euchre. 202021653 Never say it's just a game to a Euchre player. 201983844 Euchre withdrawal... why put yourself through it? 201976496 What do you expect me to do? Declare a loner? 201408651 Euchre will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no Euchre. 201997417 I speak fluent Euchre 201997418 Euchre is chocolate for the brain. 202021647 Euchre...the ultimate extreme sport. 202136634 The Euchrenator 201997719 And you declared a loner??? 201983710 Euchre Proverb: Life may not have dealt you a good set of cards, but who says the one with better cards will win? Manoj Vaz 202021652 Whaat? You trumped my ace? 201589735 Another fine day to play Euchre. 201983711 You expect me to take a trick? 201997722 Just try and take that bower pal. 202021651 Euchre capitol, USA. 201757287 Proud Cheeshead and Euchre fan. 201803028 New York: Come play some Euchre 201803520 Pennsylvania + Euchre go hand in hand. 201829124 Kentucky is... part of the "Euchre Belt". 201829123 Iowa...corn king and Euchre country. 202085119 Ohio...the heart of Euchre country. 201829125 You know you're from Indiana when you've heard of and can play Euchre. 202268124 Minnesota is Euchre Country dontcha know? 201829181 The Land of Lincoln is the Land of Euchre. 202136744 I'm not here to win Miss Congeniality. 202268435 Euchre cures things medications can't. 201983712 Everything I need to know I learned playing Euchre. 202268433 This new planet has Euchre on it. 201991337 Did you see what that Euchre player was wearing? 202021646 'Can't seem to get those Euchre rotation charts correct. 202086514 Prepare yourself. Euchre is coming. 202133238 My Euchre partner bid what? 203026362 Money doesn't buy happiness... Euchre does. 202268436 Euchre...the bacon on the breakfast of life. 204528936 Euchre is like the brightens my day. 202268432 Euchre Table Proverb: One should always play fairly when one has the winning cards. Oscar Wilde. 202268434 Euchre player in training. 202268431 My my my Euchre face my my Euchre face. 203111238 Friends don't let friends play Euchre without them. 204112027 Euchre CARDiologist. 204515890 Euchre Proverb: Has fortune dealt you some bad cards? Then let wisdon make you a good gamester! Francis Quarles 204515891 Euchre...the cheese on the cheeseburger of life. 204528937 Nothing compares. Nothing compares... to Euchre. 204515892 Don't worry, play Euchre! 204517810 My way of getting ready for the Euchre game. 204517809 Euchre...the chocolate chips in the cookies of life. 204528938 You expect me to partner up with him? 204517812 This is what I think of your Euchre moves. 204517811 Ooo! Ooo! Pick me! Pick me! I'll be your partner! 204517813 You killed my loner! 204517814 Asking me if I want to play Euchre is like asking me if I want money. 204518839 You played what card? 204518840 Caution: Euchre is addictive & can cause you to lose interest in your phone! 204518841 Euchre...the marshmallows on the s'mores of life. 204528939 Euchre is like the brightens my evening. 204536521 Euchre...the cherry on the sundae of life. 204536522 What's in your wallet? 204554460 Euchre...the frosting on the cupcake of life. 204536523 The devil made me do it, err trump it. 204554461 It's peanut butter jelly time!!! Err Euchre time!!! 204556471 This is war I tell you. You vermin are stealing my bowers. 204554462 Tell me again why you are here? My friends say I stink at Euchre. 204564487 Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth Euchre unto this great nation. 204580334 Game withdrawal? Who ya gonna call? ! *All the action is in the RATED room. 204594463 Euchre Proverb: Cards are war in disguise of a sport. Charles Lamb. 205345813 Euchre... a test of my skill vs. your luck. 205345814 Euchre...the whipped cream on the milkshake of life. 205347938 If Euchre is just a game then Everest is just a hill. 205345815 Euchre Proverb: In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities. But in the expert's mind there are few. Shunryu Suzuki. 205345816 Euchre...the ketchup on the french fries of life. 205347935 Live long and play Euchre. 205345817 Euchre...the rainbow on the skies of life. 205347936 Euchre Proverb: Life is like a game of cards. The hand you are dealt is determinism. The way you play it is free will. Jawaharlal Nehru. 205345818 My Euchre partner played that card?? 205345819 Euchre...the relish on the hot dog of life. 205348033 When in doubt, win the trick. Edmond Hoyle. 205345820 Euchre = MC squared. 205362447 Stop calling me! I'm playing Euchre on my phone! 205362448